Below are a few finer details that I'd like to know ahead of your wedding day, this is all I need to know but if you have any futher aspects of the day that you wish to discuss, just let me know.

Please include full address and postcode, please note that I'll be looking to arrive 2 hours ahead of the ceremony time.
Please include full address and postcode
Please include full address and a Sat Nav achievable postcode.
Formal group shots
Here’s a list of group shots that most couples tend to go for. You’re welcome to tailor this list to best suit you, I’d advise a cap of 8 set ups due to the time the groups can take (meaning time you’re away from the wedding party). It would also be helpful if you could pass this list onto the ushers so they can help on the day gathering family members and friends for the shots.
This is by no means a requirement I'd just appreciate if you could let me know so I can make my own arrangements.
Please provide a contact number for a member of the bridal party who will have their phone with them on the day of the wedding.